68 Barrack Street

Cape Town 

South Africa  


Opening Hours: Mon - Sat | 7pm-4am


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  • Keep your pin number secret at all times.

  • Invoices are only provided via email.  For invoices please enter your email address when loading credit on to your card

  • The banks do not permit debit cards being credited.

  • Funds to be credited from debit card will carry a 10% cash handling fee

  • When loading by card and requesting the cash-out in cash the standard 10% cash handling fee applies.

  • Use your cashless card to pay for food, drinks and entrances only.  There will be no exception to this.

  • Dances and massage ladies remain payable by cash or bank card

  • Ask any staff member to help load more funds at any time

  • Cash out only happens in the club during operating hours

  • Your Mavericks card will retain any credit remaining for 7 days after loading the credit