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When Good Girls Go Bad

September 21, 2017

On #FantasyFriday your naughty dreams come true!


Gentlemen, let’s be honest for a moment. Let’s drop the facades, discard the civilities and talk about fantasies – real, raw fantasies. We like to hide them. We are sometimes embarrassed by them. We very seldom get to live them out. Well, we are here to tell you that all that should be firmly in your past – with every Friday being #FantasyFriday at Mavericks, your naughtiest dreams have no excuse to stay dreams.


Recall that strict but delightful teacher from high school? Ever spice up your hospital visit with thoughts of latex-clad nurses? Or have you simply always wanted to be taken charge of by a girl in uniform? The plethora of fantasies on display at Mavericks every Friday is endless.


But It’s Not All About You


It is perhaps not a well-known fact, but #FantasyFriday is almost as much for our beautiful table and lap dancers as it is for you. The night of the week where they get to really walk on the wild side, to flirt with a bit of sexy danger, to punish you, the naughty school children. We honestly don’t know who gets a bigger kick out of #FantasyFriday – you, gentlemen, or our dancers. Guess it takes two to tango?

The curtains of fantasy are lifted at 7pm, every Friday. What dreams will you tick off this week?

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