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Cape Town 

South Africa  


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June 4, 2016

Every best man worth his salt wants to throw the best bachelor party in Cape Town for the groom, most likely to be his very best friend. The things dudes think up while planning and executing a stag is evident when witnessing a stag night in progress. Think of the groom, dressed up in a fairy dress, with a ball and chain attached to his ankle and make up on his face, collecting coins on the side of the road? Well now this is all good and well if you’re planning a bachelor’s for a 21 year old! If you’re not, then you’re in luck, we have the best bachelor party venue in Cape Town. It’s a Gentleman’s Club, because we’re adults, and this is adult entertainment.


At its finest. First get 10 guys or more, then you pretty much make one phone call, and hey presto, you’ve got good food platters, celebratory bottles of champers and any harder liquor of your choice, to be enjoyed in your choice of these cool, chill out areas: Standard, Library Package, or the VIP Package Just Pre- order your food and Pre-book your table…get there before 9pm and your platters are free!! So what else do you need? Not much hey! This all sounds like a great night. Enter the beautiful Maverick’s dancers. Nothing like some exotic dancing from erotic dancers, to turn an excellent night into a positively unforgettable experience. Read more on the Mavericks website for Bachelor Party bookings in Cape Town.



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